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Tina possesses a deep understanding of color theory, pigments, mapping, symmetry, corrective color, skin tones, and paramedical PMU. She is skilled in utilizing the latest PMU techniques and tattoo machines. She is adept in a variety of cutting-edge techniques such as Stardust Eyeliner, Scalp Micropigmentation, Microblading and Shading, Powdered Brows, Ombre Brows, Lip Blushing, Smudgy and Smokey Eyeliner, and Tattoo Removal, and Clor Refreshing among others. With a background of over 30 years in cosmetology, PMU and makeup training, she is well-equipped to simplify complex permanent makeup techniques, making them accessible for enthusiasts at beginner or advanced levels.


Victoria is a natural born artist that comes from generations of people in the beauty industry. With over 6 years of experience, she has helped thousands of clients reach their brow, and lip goals. She views every everyone as a piece of living art and she takes her utmost time designing, measuring and making sure everything is absolutely perfect and tailored to each individual’s bone structure. “My mission as an artist is not to change who you are, but to compliment your own beautiful natural features, remembering that each face is already equipped with its own unique design” – Victoria Burch the permanent cosmetic industry has truly changed my life. I have taken continuing education classes from top renowned artist from around the world. I will always give my students the best most updated information. I love and am passionate about being able to help eager students learn how to accomplish the same freedom, and passion for the artistry. Together we can help others find confidence through permanent makeup, while simultaneously finding a passionate, flexible career for you.

Emily Hale

Emily finds great joy in sharing her expertise through teaching permanent makeup techniques. Her passion for the artistry and precision of the craft shines through as she imparts her knowledge to eager learners. With a patient and encouraging approach, Emily ensures that the students not only gain technical skills but also develop a deep appreciation for the transformative power of permanent makeup.



A Sanitation for Permanent Makeup Training Class is a vital course that teaches beauty professionals the rigorous hygiene and sterilization protocols essential for safe practice in the field of permanent cosmetics. Students learn about the various methods of instrument sterilization, proper disposal of consumables, and guidelines for maintaining a sterile work environment. The course also covers crucial topics such as cross-contamination prevention and how to handle potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. This training is indispensable for anyone committed to providing a safe and clean experience for their clients, and it’s often a requirement for regulatory compliance in the beauty industry.

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Mastering PMU color theory means being familiar with the general rules of interaction between different pigment shades, their behavior in the skin, and different Fitzpatrick types, skin tones and undertones.

Every artist should be well-versed in color theory, as getting the color right is essential to good results. Deciding what will look good once the results heal takes time and practice, but the first step is learning the basic rules. Color theory is crucial for successful eyebrow tattoo color correction.

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A Skin Basics, Anatomy, and Contraindications to Permanent Makeup Training Class provides an essential foundation for beauty professionals interested in the field of permanent cosmetics. This course delves into the structure and function of the skin, offering insights into how it interacts with permanent makeup pigments. Students learn to identify various skin types, conditions, and contraindications, enabling them to make informed decisions about the suitability of permanent makeup procedures for individual clients. Topics such as skin healing, potential allergic reactions, and the role of underlying health conditions are covered to equip practitioners with the knowledge needed for safer, more effective treatments. This training is crucial for anyone seeking to offer comprehensive and responsible permanent makeup services.

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A Needle and Machine Theory for Permanent Makeup Training Class is a specialized course aimed at teaching beauty professionals the intricacies of selecting and operating tattoo machines and needles for various permanent makeup procedures. Students learn about different types of needles, their configurations, and their specific applications in techniques like microblading, eyeliner, and lip blushing. The course also covers the mechanics of tattoo machines, including speed settings and depth adjustments. This training is essential for practitioners who wish to optimize their technique and equipment use, ensuring safer procedures and more natural, long-lasting results for clients.

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A Brow Mapping Training Class is a specialized course designed to teach the essential skill of plotting the ideal eyebrow shape tailored to individual facial features. Students learn how to accurately measure and mark key points on the face, ensuring symmetry and proportion in the final brow design. The curriculum covers crucial concepts like the golden ratio, facial anatomy, and the use of various mapping tools. This course is invaluable for beauty professionals seeking to enhance their brow services, equipping them with the foundational knowledge required to create perfectly shaped eyebrows for clients of all face shapes and sizes.

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microblading Kansas City, Microblading Overland Park, Microblading Topeka
A Microblading Training Class is a focused course that teaches the art of creating natural-looking eyebrows through individual hair-like strokes. Students learn the manual technique of depositing pigment into the skin’s superficial layers, mimicking the appearance of real eyebrow hairs. The curriculum includes vital topics such as pigment selection, skin anatomy, and sterilization protocols. This training is ideal for beauty professionals looking to expand their repertoire and offer clients a semi-permanent, natural brow solution that requires minimal upkeep.

Date: Call for days 2024  Time: 10-5

Microblading Kansas City, Powder Brow, Microblading
A Powder Brows Permanent Makeup Training Class is a specialized course aimed at teaching the techniques for achieving a soft, powdered makeup look using permanent pigment. Students will learn how to create eyebrows that appear full and naturally shaded, without the individual hair strokes found in techniques like microblading. The curriculum covers crucial elements such as pigment selection, needle choice, and machine handling. Designed for beauty professionals seeking to diversify their services, this training equips attendees with the skills required to offer clients long-lasting, low-maintenance brows with a soft, powdery finish.

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Microblading Kansas City, Microblading Overland Park, Microblading Topeka
A Combo Brows Permanent Makeup Training Class focuses on teaching the hybrid technique that combines both microblading and shading to create natural, fuller-looking eyebrows. Students learn how to integrate precise hair-like strokes with soft shading to produce brows that are both defined and dimensional. The curriculum includes important topics such as pigment selection, needle types, and proper handling of microblading and tattooing equipment. This course is perfect for beauty professionals aiming to expand their skill set and offer a versatile, long-lasting brow solution that caters to a variety of client preferences.

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Microblading Kansas City, Microblading Overland Park, Microblading, Microblading Topeka
An Ombre Brows Permanent Makeup Training Class is a specialized course that teaches the gradient technique of ombre eyebrow tattooing. Students learn how to create a seamless transition from lighter to darker shades, giving brows a fuller yet natural appearance. The course covers essential aspects like pigment selection, needle choice, and machine operation. Ideal for beauty professionals looking to expand their service offerings, this training provides the skills needed to offer clients a long-lasting, low-maintenance brow solution that adds depth and dimension.

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A Lip Blushing training class is a specialized course that teaches the techniques of enhancing the natural color and shape of lips through permanent makeup. Using hands-on practice and expert guidance, students learn how to skillfully deposit organic pigments into lip tissue, achieving a subtle blush-like effect. The course covers critical topics such as pigment selection, needle technique, and aftercare protocols. Ideal for beauty professionals looking to expand their skill set, this training provides a comprehensive understanding of how to offer clients a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution for achieving vibrant, youthful-looking lips.

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An Eyeliner Eyelash Enhancement training class is a focused course that teaches the art of adding subtle, permanent definition to the lash line. Students will learn how to skillfully tattoo a fine line of pigment along the lashes, aiming to create the illusion of fuller, darker eyelashes while naturally framing and accentuating the eyes. The curriculum includes key elements such as pigment selection, needle techniques, and proper machine handling. Designed for beauty professionals who want to offer a natural-looking, low-maintenance alternative to daily eyeliner, this training equips attendees with the skills needed to provide clients with a long-lasting, effortlessly polished appearance.

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Eyeliner wing tattooing is a permanent makeup technique that involves using specialized tattoo equipment to create a long-lasting, precisely-shaped wing at the outer corners of the eyes. This procedure provides a bolder, more defined eye shape and eliminates the daily need for applying liquid or pencil eyeliner to achieve the winged look. Because of the intricacy and permanence involved, it requires a skilled practitioner proficient in pigment selection, skin anatomy, and fine-line tattooing. This technique is particularly beneficial for those seeking to streamline their makeup routine while maintaining a consistently polished appearance.

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Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical technique that uses fine tattoo needle points to deposit pigment into the scalp. This creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles, offering a fuller, more youthful look for individuals experiencing hair thinning or baldness. The procedure requires specialized training in pigment selection and needle technique to achieve natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with existing hair or mimic a closely-shaved scalp.

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Areola tattooing training is a specialized course aimed at teaching the art of recreating or enhancing the areola, often for post-surgical patients. The training covers essential topics like color theory, anatomy, pigment selection, and machine handling. This skill not only broadens a practitioner’s capabilities but also offers a meaningful way to positively impact a client’s self-esteem and physical appearance.

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Let’s Face It can help you start your new career in Permanent Cosmetics

We want you to be as successful and here at Let’s Face It Academy, you will receive an EDUCATION that will get you started on the new journey. Through the Let’s Face It Academy you are on the adventure of your life with an incredible opportunity to dramatically increase your current income, provide a highly sought-after service, and boost others beauty and confidence. Permanent Makeup is an art. Having an artistic eye will ensure your success along with a steady hand, good vision, good eye hand coordination, patience, and being detail oriented. If you have a bad back, arthritis in your hands or carpel tunnel this may not be a good fit for you. We have 3 amazing Artists that are teaming together to teach you. You will receive top-notch training by Master Artist Tina B who has been in the industry over 20 years and done over 10,000 procedures along with Victoria and Emily. We are committed to your success and are here to help you achieve your career goals. Invest in yourself! It’s worth it every penny!

Get Certified in Microblading, Powder Brows, Lip Blushing, and Eyeliner Workshops

These workshops are power packed 3 -4-day course that offers you a solid foundation to get started with your PMU Career. Come rested and ready to be a sponge to these power packed 8-hour days. In addition to the theory and hands on training, you are given your own complete deluxe kit for success with everything needed to complete 10 services, a Certificate of Completion with 45 hours of training (for 101 course) needed to apply for insurance, one on one supervised client procedure (option per location depending on State requirements) live demo’s, shadowing, back-up support, best marketing strategies, and tips to grow your business, refreshers and so much more.

Call 816-888-1670 today for full details on these workshops. A non-refundable deposit of $500 (see below) holds your spot for the next class of your choice.

Fully Licensed Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship

Get Licensed in Tattooing with an Apprenticeship for Missouri and do it all.
This Apprentice course is 9 to 12 months long. It is 300 hours of training plus 50 supervised clients. When all requirements are met, application / paperwork is mailed to the Department of Tattooing in Missouri, and they mail you an official License. You will learn all of the above procedures listed as well as marketing, scalp micropigmentation, business management, client skills and so much more that is important to being successful in the Permanent Makeup Industry.

Call for details and course outline on this apprenticeship. 816-888-1670. To enroll you should schedule an interview to join our team and a non-refundable deposit is required to hold a spot for you (see below). Spacing is limited. After training you will be interviewed to join our team.

Purchase Full Video on Paypal Below

Purchase Full Video on Paypal Below

ONE on ONE Training/Shadowing upon request.


Microblading Workshop January 23, 24, 25, 2024

Powder Brow Workshop

  • TBA, 2024, (Includes machine, kit and model)

Lip Blushing Workshop

  • TBA, 2024, (includes machine, kit and model)

Perfect your Skillset Classes (dates to be announced)

  • Color Theory – Lip / Brow (separate classes)
  • Brow Mapping
  • Needle and Machine theory
  • Taking Quality Photos
  • Business Managment
  • Clientele Building
  •  Anatomy, Skin and Contraindications to PMU

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