President of Missouri Council of Tattooing and Permanent Makeup

Currently Licensed in Missouri

  • 38 years of Cosmetology and  Cosmetology Instructor
  • 20 years of  Cosmetic Permanent Makeup Tattooing


  • taught makeup application at modeling agencies
  • freelance makeup artist with film/television studios/photographers magazines, newspaper, and various advertising agencies
  • has performed over 3000  PMU procedures
  • family owned Cosmetology School
  • certified and licensed over 60 people in Missouri in Pmu and Microblading
  • business coach and mentor to PMU artists


  • mastery of color matching, pigments, corrective color and skin tones and paramedical PMU
  • proficient in the newest PMU/ tattoo techniques including eyeshadow, Microblading / Shading, powdered brows, hombre brows and lips, smudgy  and stardust eyeliner
  • adept at corrective shapes and how the lines of the face are affected by the application of makeup and
  • correction and removal of PMU
  • especially crafted at the art of brow design and symmetry
  • master educator in all aspects of PMU

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Office Manager

With over ten years of office experience and a degree in film, Allyx brings something special to the Let's Face It family. Her creative nature and outgoing personality make her a perfect complement and assistant to Tina Burch. She has a hand in most social media and communications involving Let's Face It and loves seeing clients be transformed every day at the studio in Martin City.



Assistant PMU Trainer

Victoria is a natural born artist that comes from generations of people in the beauty industry. She especially loves the satisfaction her job gives her in helping others feel better about themselves visually, and giving them the confidence they sometimes never know they had. She views every eyebrow as a piece of living art and she takes her utmost time designing, measuring and making sure everything is absolutely perfect and tailored to each individual's bone structure. "My mission as a microblading artist is not to change who you are, but to compliment your own beautiful natural features, remembering that each face is already equipped with its own unique design.Oh and to give you some beautiful, banging perfectly tailored eyebrows to wake up to everyday." - Victoria Burch

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Licensed PMU Artist

Emily has a love and passion for the makeup industry and an immense appreciation for all forms of art. The most satisfying part of this career for her is learning how to build confidence through all the benefits of permanent makeup especially the restorative features.  She is honored that clients would trust her to be a part of this transformation.

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Crystal Gibbs

Crystal is a natural born artist. She expanded her creativity in photography by taking workshops and apprenticeships. She did weddings and newborn photo sessions. In 2013 she had her first child and decided to focus on being home.  Her next career choice is to still utilize her artistic eye. Always having a love for tattoos she has decided to pursue learning permanent makeup. As a perfectionist, her goal is to give you confidence in your appearance while complimenting your unique facial features with natural looking permanent makeup.

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Tiffany Bellamy

Tiffany went to a Community College for two years and majored in advanced art. Afterwards she graduated with a license in Cosmetology. After working four years in the beauty industry, she decided to take on a new challenge and pursue her dream of learning Permanent Cosmetics.  She is beyond thrilled to also make your dreams come true by waking up with makeup, saving you minutes and overall saving money on products!

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