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                        Permanent Makeup Cosmetics in Kansas City

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Permanent Cosmetics Pigment Colors

Tina uses the best Permanent Makeup Tattoo Pigment in the industry in Kansas City. Premier Pigments has been formulating and producing permanent cosmetic pigments for the intradermal cosmetic industry since 1988. Years of research coupled with practical application of colorants, modern technology and our application laboratory testing have resulted in an outstanding line of highly viscous concentrated colorants that are now truer and more consistent than ever before. Permanent Makeup pigment is slightly different that regular tattoo pigment.
Premier Pigments Color Catalogue
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Premier Pigments
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Premier Pigments - The world’s finest quality in Permanent Cosmetic Supplies

Predictable Color

Premier Concentrated Original Formula Colors are now more predictable and true to color than ever before. We are focused on longevity of color. Colors heal true and stay true!


Premier Pigments enjoys a preeminent reputation in the development and quality of the world’s finest
permanent cosmetic makeup being the leader in permanent cosmetic pigment sales and pigment ingredients research. Premier Original Colors have been used throughout the world since 1988 and are formulated with pigments that have a long history of safety and longevity of permanent color.

Quick to Implant

Large particle pigments are suspended in an aqueous dispersion for better color efficiency. In other words, Premier Concentrated Original Formula Colors yield more color per implant, saving time and touch-up applications.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

Premier Concentrated Original Colors are manufactured by a truly state-of-the-art process to create pigment dispersions of greater tinctorial
strength that are brighter and truer to color than ever before.
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