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Lip Tattoos in Kansas City

Permanent Makeup Lip Liner and Lip stick in the Kansas City Area

Lips are a focal point when speaking, adding expressive impact to the words being spoken. A person's age, health, emotional status, and general attitude is judged by the appearance of the lips. Permanent makeup lip coloring tattoo can be used to enhance the contour of the lips toward a more pleasant, youthful, even pouty or sensual look.

Lip sculpting can be accomplished with permanent cosmetics. Smear fears are eliminated and lip shape can be perfected with lip cosmetic tattoo color. Permanent lip color is wonderful for the lipstick connoisseur because they can still apply their topicals as desired, but never be bare. Permanent lip tattoo is also great for those who don't like to fuss with makeup because they still don't have to fuss with it.

The lip's cupid bow is the defining feature of the lips and sets the mood for the overall look. Have you noticed the varying degrees of the cupids bow shapes? A) How sharp or smoothly rounded the peaks are, B) How deep the "V" between the peaks is, C) How wide the "V" is, D) How sharp or smoothly rounded the bottom of the "V" is. Of course when you smile, the V widens and the peaks flatten out.

Gently rounded cupid's bow peaks are most often seen, and can be drawn as desired regardless of philtral column structure & location (see lip anatomy). Pointed peaks need to be in line with the philtral columns or it will look 'off'. Pointed peaks should have a wide base so they won't look like tall, thin volcano peaks. Philtral columns are formed differently on various individuals. They may be too close together, too far apart, or one column stretched out to the side farther. If the cupids bow peaks are too close or too far apart, the lips can look awkward.

20 smiles
lip anatomy

The "V" dip in the cupid's bow may have a  downward point or roundness. It should be centered with an imaginary straight vertical line up the philtrum to the nasal septum. When the cupids bow peaks are rounded, the V dip is usually a point. If the peaks are pointed, the V dip is not made too deep and is usually softened with a roundness. The combination strategy is to avoid making the lips look like a roller coaster or a mountain 'M'. When the V is too deep, the lips look separated while smiling.

Injectable fillers for lip augmentation can change lip shape when not properly distributed. Some fashion models now have duck bills instead of cupid's bows. Making wide flares on the sides in lieu of cupids bow peaks gives that Lucille (I Love Lucy) Ball look - like a sneer.

Face shape plays a small role in lip design. If the chin is very pointed, softly round the mouth. If there is not much space between the lip and nose, do not draw high points on the lips. The width of the nose should be considered. A wider nose needs a wider spanned cupid's bow.

awkward lips
vs lip liner
The LOOK ! ?  Cosmetic tattoo for lips may be applied to produce the same look preferred with topical lipstick. Choices are: 1) with lip liner, 2) defined but not lined, and 3) softened edge. lip liner tattoo may be chosen to be a) obvious - applied in a different, similar, or same but concentrated color than the rest of the lip color, or b) blended in - applied in a similar color or same color concentrated. lip liner should be considered with caution. The eyes are drawn to the contrast, and any imperfections in lip shape or vertical lines (wrinkles) around the mouth stand out. When you notice someone else wearing contrasting lip liner, do you find yourself staring at the liner as if that is all that exists on their face? It helps to do edging in a natural lip color. Defined but not lined is the average, classic look. The edges are softened somewhat, but the shape remains distinct. The softened edge is the best choice to not draw attention to lips that are imperfect in shape, size, or smoothness around the mouth. The lip pictures below provide comparisons. Look carefully at the cupids bows in the photos. Do you like yours sharp, smooth, subtle, or sexy?

lips 1-20
lips 21-40
lips 41-60
lips 61-80
lips 81-100

Permanent lip tattoo color is in the skin instead of on top of it like lipstick, so it will have a matte finish unless you apply a topping.

Have fun with clear or tinted glosses. Good ole chapstick will provide a luster finish.

Scroll for actual uncensored pictures of lip procedures done by Tina Burch.
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