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                        Permanent Makeup Cosmetics in Kansas City

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    You can "Wake up with Make up" today!

            Get your Permanent Cosmetic  Tattoo / Microblading Eyebrows / Training  Today.

Tina Burch 
Kansas City's
Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist

  • licensed for 16 years  in Permanent Makeup 
  • licensed for 35 years in the beauty industry
  • understanding colors, corrective color and skin tones
  • skilled in the newest tattooing techniques including eyeshadow, Microblading and Powdered  Brows
  • has performed  1000's of procedures on faces
  • skilled at corrective shapes and how the lines of the face are affected by the application of makeup
  • a professional Make Up Artist and Master Tattoo Instructor
  • taught at modeling agencies and beauty schools
    worked with film/television studios/photographers magazines, newspaper, and various advertising.
Apprenticeship  work available at discounted prices.  


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Before, immediately after and after healing process pictures

  • Boost your confidence and look your best all the time
  • No more smudging, smearing, or uneven makeup
  • Save time  every day on makeup application. If you save 10 minutes a day that adds up to a weeks vacation a year.
  • Save money on  expensive makeup lipstick, lip liners, eye/brow pencils liners and eyeshadow
  • Get an automatic face lift with eyebrow arching
  • Make your lips fuller looking, no more need for fillers

   If you are shopping for a permanent makeup artist here are a few things that you need to know about Tina
     1. For eyeliner, she has a special technique that connects the  outside corners (if it flatters you).
         Most technicians will not do this.
        WHAT'S NEW FOR EYES? Eyeshadow, smudgy liner, two color combination, or get all 3 with the most exciting colors.
      2. She uses a coil tattoo machine and a hand tool method that gives long  lasting result.
      3. For eyebrows you can get a solid look and/or natural looking hairline strokes for thinning or missing hair on men and women.
         WHAT'S NEW FOR EYEBROWS?  Microblading each little hair at a time for that perfectly natural look.
      4. Don't know how to put your makeup on? Don't worry. As a makeup expert she customizes your makeup so
          you always  look your best.
      5. Her Work is GUARANTEED!!!  Touchups may be needed one month after initial procedure at a small additional fee.($50)

6. Most people are nervous about whether it is going to hurt.  Thank God for NUMBING cream.......it works. If ever you feel
            the pain level gets above a 2 or 3  just say the word and more numbing cream is applied. 

CLIENT REFERRAL PROGRAM - For each referral you receive a $50 thank you gift card to be used for your next service!

   Tina Burch @ Let's Face It ~ 816-888-1670

59 West 135th Street  Martin City, Missouri  64147

Serving the Kansas City Heartland area;  Kansas,  Missouri
, Oklahoma,  Nebraska, Ohio,  Arkansas,  Louisiana,

Most commonly called permanent cosmetics, other names include dermapigmentation, micropigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing, the latter being most appropriate since permanent makeup is, in fact, tattooing.

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